Eurodisc 175g Frisbee Game Disc White

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Sensationell und einzigartig:
Die erste 175g Ultimate Frisbee Sportflugscheibe aus 96% nachwachsenden Rohstoffen ohne ÖL

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Fantastic and unique: The first 175g Ultimate Frisbee Sportsdisc made of 100% organic material and consists of 96% renewable resources. It looks like a regular plastic disc, feels like a regular plastic disc, but it is not produced of regular plastic. After 3 years of invention we finally found an organic material what´s useful for the 175g Sportdisc. And what it makes double interesting: we produce the organic disc in the new Eurodisc II mold which supplies perfect flight abilities and a stable flight over 100 meters, like the well know disc from the other company, you know what we mean.What to do with used discs? Another great character of our material is, that it´s compatible with regular plastic, PP and PE. It would not make big sense to throw it in your organic waste but you can throw it into your regular plastic waste to bring it into the regular recycling process!!And now enjoy playing Frisbee environment friendly.

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Additional Info

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