eurodisc® 163 g, Discgolf Driver, Transporter, SQU, SALAMANDER


Speed 7
Glide 6
Turn -2
Fade 1

Available, delivery time: 1-3 Tage

Product number: EDDGSQTPORSL
Color: Orange, disco, green, lightblue
Disc Golf Type: Fairway Driver
Fade: 1
Glide: 6
Material: SQU
Organic: yes
Speed: 7
Turn: -2

eurodisc® 163 g, Discgolf Driver, Transporter, SQU, SALAMANDER, Orange

Hey, have a look! This is our new disc golf disc, FIRST-RUN with the two cool salamander lizards in different colors.

With its narrow edge, the driver is the fastest disc in our disc golf set, it requires the most practice and flies the furthest. The driver is usually used for the first throw in order to get close to the basket. The driver is also the flattest and therefore it has the least area of ​​attack for headwinds. Its trajectory is a little more curved compared to the putter. The Salamander disc has a good stability from the eurodisc® SQU line. The SQU discs are  dureable, of reliable quality and flight balance. A disc that is easy to find in the grass with its bright color and when you take it out of your bag it immediately makes you want to play the next round of disc golf. Beginners and advanced discolfers will have fun for a long time. The eurodisc® 163 g, with the current UV printing, is completely manufactured and assembled here in Germany. If you like, we can also complement the design with your company logo or your individual name in small series. As a tip for disc golf parks and schools. The disgolf discs from eurodisc® keep their shape for a long time, so pure fun! A good idea for your next gift too. 
When storing, we recommend laying the slices flat and not exposing them to high temperatures. The disc does not float in water. We've been testing the shape for a long time - but have jet received official recognition from the PDGA, so it can be used for professional disc golf tournaments. This new disc offers breathtaking flight performance and enables spectacular throws, the choice of champions. To make disc golf your favorite hobby, we also offer a wide range of different disc golf baskets. There is sure to be the right basket for you. The driver is definitely complemented with the matching midrange and putter disc. We also offer the discs as a set or individually. Since each form has its own special advantages, it makes sense to use a course with all these possibilities. So, what are you waiting for? Order the eurodisc® SALAMANDER in the SQU quality now and experience the game of disc golf with a disc that is not only practical and durable, but also offers an unforgettable playing experience. Be ready for an exciting game with friends or for professional competition - with this cool disc in many color variations you will definitely stand out!

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