eurodisc® NEW RELEASE: 145 g Freestyle

The new eurodisc funstyle disc made of bioplastic with the cone is a game changer for freestyle fans. Many new tricks are now possible. Try it out and enjoy the applause from your friends. The disc is currently available in 2 designs. Of course, we can print your logo or club image on it on request, for your next perfect event, competition or trade fair. As always, we have made the disc so robust that it will last a long time and so well finished that the edges are absolutely soft everywhere.

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DVD Freestyle Secrets of Pro Disc Freestyle Vol. 2

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  • material: Bioplastic 
  • diameter: 24.5 cm
  • height: 28 mm 
  • cone in the centre! ideal for tricks!
  •  new in our shop!
  •  we print your design
  • print area: 160 mm
  • print data: PDF, JPEG, SVG


New Fun-Disc from eurodisc® in white and with cone for a better grip!
You like to habe the disc with your picture for a gift? With a logo for your club? No problem, we print your individual disc!

For all Freestlye fans we also have the matching DVD, here the individual moves are clearly described and shown, ideal for all those who want to improve their performance. 66 minutes of informative acrobatic fun.
  • Rim Delay 
  • Rolls
  •  Spins
  •  Turnovers 
  • Neurons 
  • Connectivity
  •  Against the spin 
  • Combis
  •  Passing

Discraft: Freestyle Discs

Surely you already know the Sky-Styler? No freestyler can ignore this disc. The absolute market leader in the freestyle frisbee sector.

Discraft Sky-Styler Freestyle orange

Discraft Sky-Styler Brightblue

Discraft Sky-Styler Freestyle yellow