Hyperflite K10 Dog Disc Frost Bite



Product number: HFORFS
Color: Orange
dogtyp: normal
Frost Bite™ Disc 
The Hyperflite K-10 FrostBite flying disc is softer than the K-10 Competition Standard model under normal warm weather conditions. As the temperature drops into the teens, the disc begins to firm up and takes on the feel of a K-10 Competition Standard model. The K-10 FrostBite is extremely shatter resistant in temperatures as cold as zero degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, the K-10 FrostBite is colored in fluorescent orange so it can be easily spotted in the snow of winter or the leaves of fall. The Hyperflite K-10 FrostBite is the result of many months of experimentation and testing. The K-10 FrostBite discs special combination of polymers is unique and proprietary to Hyperflite. Weight ca. 100g Diameter: 22,3 cm

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2 March 2017 09:43

Bon frisbee très résistant

Je le recommande.

Hyperflite is the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance flying discs for modern dog sports. Founded in 2000, Hyperflite offers an innovative product range for a wide variety of requirements in sports and leisure. Among them, the first puncture resistant competition disc for dogs (Jawz), the first competition disc for cold temperatures (FrostBite), the first competition disc for small dogs (K-10 Pup), the first soft and flexible competition disc (SofFlite) and many more.