Hyperflite K10 Dog Disc SofFlite


Product number: HFSF
Color: yellow
dogtyp: normal
SofFlite™ Disc Description:The SoftFlite flying disc is ultra-soft for canines with sensitive mouths. Although the SofFlite's canine-friendly plastic is very flexible, it still flies well. The SofFlite disc also floats if immersed in water. Use the SofFlite disc to train your puppy or to introduce your adult canine to the pleasures of flying disc play. Available in green and yellow. Weight ca. 100g Diameter: 22,3 cm

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21 February 2017 16:37

empfehlenswert, aber nicht so gut wie das (momentan vergriffene) Vorgängermodell

+++ Sehr gute Flugeigenschaften, verwindungsfreie Fläche, stabil auch bei leichtem Wind; sehr maulfreundlich, da der Rand nicht so hart ist; leichtes "-": Leider nicht so durchbissfest wie das (momentan vergriffene) Vorgängermodell; daher nicht so lange haltbar

Hyperflite is the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance flying discs for modern dog sports. Founded in 2000, Hyperflite offers an innovative product range for a wide variety of requirements in sports and leisure. Among them, the first puncture resistant competition disc for dogs (Jawz), the first competition disc for cold temperatures (FrostBite), the first competition disc for small dogs (K-10 Pup), the first soft and flexible competition disc (SofFlite) and many more.