eurodisc® 175g 100% Organic SUPERGlow GREEN

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Product number: EDO175SGGR
Color: blue, violet, green
Organic: yes
The disc is made of a fluorescent bio-plastic that is charged from a light source and glows in the dark. 

Compared to other fluorescent discs, the Eurodisc provides an especially long and intense luminosity. 

To charge it, simply expose it to an artificial light source or in sunlight. The disc will then glow in the dark. When the effect wears off, simply expose it again to a light source to recharge it. You're set and ready to go! Brilliant light effects in the dark.

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eurodisc® is THE brand for professional and sustainable flying sport discs Made in Germany. The range includes flying sport discs and accessories for ultimate, disc golf, kids and discdogging. The absolute highlight are the innovative flying sport discs 175g, 100g, 25g, which are made from 100% renewable raw materials and meet the highest quality standards. eurodisc® organic ultimate discs are officially recognized by the WFDF, EUF and are used in many games and tournaments all over the world.