Greatest Bag Ultimate / Black / Highlights Brightblue: XXL / 60 L
Color: lightblue | Size: XXL
Greatest Bag Ultimate / Black / Highlights Brightblue: XXL / 60 L Nr. one Ultimate bag in the world. XXL- the largest version.The absolute must-have for all Ultimate players. Specially designed for participation in tournaments. Ideal bag that can also be worn one-shoulder or as a backpack, with top handle for quick rebalancing, compactly designed for the most important parts. This bag has ingenious features, everything you need is at hand and protected in any weather. Of course with the extra organizer rubber for up to 2 Ultimate discs. The new 2.0 models 45 and 60 L now also come with the new ice pack worth 10 euros. The bags have a rain cover, all zippers are very robust and are also sewn watertight with rubber fasteners. The cord colors match the logo print, each model is available in different highlight colors. The basic color is always a black material. There are lots of pockets inside. Side pockets with double waterproof lining. Top features of the bag: Holds 2 Ultimate discs on the outside Waterproof areas in the bag with double very durable rubber cover inside Solid, waterproof sewn zippers Only fitted with high-quality carabiners, buttons, padding and tensioning straps Large, flexibly divided storage compartments (pocket) inside. Areas that can be accessed from the side and top. If necessary, dirty sneakers, for example, can be removed separately from clean clothing. Extra pockets on the carrying straps at the front for quick access to small change, passport and cell phone Extra protected pocket in the side section for electronics, laptop, cell phone, Kindle, loops and small compartments for office supplies and pens, plus a safety eyelet so that nothing falls out. 3 models offer something to suit every taste and budget. In various colors to match your style. So the whole rucksack stays clean even if it flies into the mud, there is a second hat that can be put on if necessary, so that it does not get lost, it is rolled up in a pocket and firmly fixed so that it cannot get lost either. This rain skin matches the highlight colors, yellow, green, blue or black.

Variants from €84.95*