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Legacy Discs Disc Golf Distance Driver Pinnacle Patriot

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Product number: LDDGPP-PT-blue-175
Manufacturer: Legacy
Color: Orange, blue, turquoise, green, rosé, salmon-coloured
Disc Golf Type: Fairway Driver
Fade: 1
Glide: 5
Material: Pinnacle
Organic: no
Speed: 7
Turn: -2
Patriot is a fairway driver designed for long straight and negative turn shots. It is easy to control with very little fade at the end of its flight. This disc is designed for all skill levels, especially for beginners.

About PINNACLE plastic

Our PINNACLE EDITION is very durable. Has a higer speed of flight than our base line plastics. The flight patterns are consistent throughout various weather conditions.


One of the advantages to having the Pinnacle Edition disc in your bag is that it is durable. This plastic has a long life span in which enables a golfer to be confident in knowing exactly what his disc will do. The other advantage is that there is not a big hook at the end of each throw but instead a slow curve.

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